Gabon election: Ping and France accused of destabilizing nation


Gabon’s government accuses presidential candidate Jean Ping of trying to destabilise the country, France of siding with him and an Ivory Coast presidential adviser of trying to spread false electoral results, government spokesman said in a statement on national television.

“Today we have tangible and absolute proof of the involvement of Mr Jean Ping and Mr Mamadi Diane, the latter is an advisor to the Ivory Coast president in a plot to try and lead to the resignation of members of the CENAP through corruption,” the government spokesman, Alain Claude Billie By Nze made a statement on Gabon TV.

They accused French officials of carrying on the old politics of diplomacy and commerce that for decades kept African presidents in its former colonies.

“It is unacceptable that a French lawyer in Paris attacks the security of the country. This violates our electoral code. Only the CENAP can collect, consolidate, verify, validate and then publish electoral facts through the Interior Minister,” added the minister.

Bongo’s allies are also furious about a statement from France’s ruling Socialist Party on Sunday declaring that early results showed Ping to be the winner.


Source: BBC