Ga-Adangbe Wulomo Urges Unity Among Ghanaians In Canada

graceThe chief priest of Ga-Adangbe Association of Toronto in Canada, Wulomo Nunmo Nii Akrong [Dr.] has urged all Ghanaians living in Canada irrespective of their tribe or religion to unite as one people and live in peace.

According to the chief priest, in unity lies the great strength to achieve success and development in whatever field.

Wulomo Nunmo Nii Akrong [Dr.] urged the unity when pouring libation to pray for peace and development at the recently held Ga-Adangbe Homowo festival in Toronto-Canada.

Also, the Wulomo asked Ghanaians living in diasporan countries to pray without ceasing always asking for God’s guidance and counseling not forgetting asking God for the security of their wards outgoing and incomings.

“As you pray for yourselves, do not forget your wards and the host country you are living in. Pray for Ghana as well as Canada for peace to prevail everywhere at all times” advised receiving an applause for that.

Explaining Wulomo Nunmo Akrong, when peace prevails on the land both citizens and residents will live happily among themselves therefore wisdom demands that wherever one finds himself has to pray for peace for the land.

He prayed asking God to grant the request of those looking for marital partners and those, those who needs children, those who need jobs and even school going children to be granted scholarships to pursue their education in success to a bigger applause.

The atmosphere got charged when Wulomo Nunmo Akrong, after pouring the libation put his two hands together, raised them up and with open stretched arms of the chiefs lined up embraced each other to signify unity he preached about.

Afterwards, he officiated the sprinkling of the traditional food KPOKPOI by the Ga chief Nii Kwei Anku V which signified hooting at hunger by providing abundance of food.

The traditional and customary activity was crowned by dancing the Great Journey dance to the tune of the WOGBE DZEKE song which saw every one gathered taking to the floor and formed a moving circle as they took their steps two to the left and two to the right.

In pursuit of love care and protection for one another, Ghanaians living in foreign destinations have formed traditional and resident associations and Ga-Adangbe Association of Toronto is one of them.

What is interesting about these associations is that they are holding fast unto Ghanaian culture and tradition in foreign destinations to showcase Ghanaian heritage.

A typical example is when the Ga-Adangbe Association of Toronto in Canada held their annual Homowo festival on August 20, 2016


By: Stephen Quaye