Fuse ODG, Sarkodie speak out on #AltonSterling


A number of celebrities all over the world have since the brutal murder of Alton Sterling spoken out on social media and registered their displeasure at how people of colour have in recent years been maltreated.

A new footage of the brutal murder surfaced on the internet causing public outrage.

Among the number of celebrities who have spoken against the maltreatment are Ghanaian musicians Fuse ODG and Sarkodie.

It is worth noting that Fuse ODG has for the past days registered his displeasure at the occurrence by sharing various videos on Instagram and pouring his heart out as to how things could be made better.

In a latest post, Fuse ODG stated:

“I’m putting this up so you can really understand how wrong this is on so many levels. 3 MURDERS by the Police THIS WEEK only.”


Source: nydjlive.com