Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media

Today, in accordance with our Party’s Constitution, elections were held in our Party all across the country to prune down the number of presidential aspirants from 7 to 5.

I am very grateful for the decision of the Special Electoral College and the confidence that its delegates have reaffirmed in me by this overwhelming endorsement, which gave me 80.81% of the votes cast. I thank them for listening to the grassroots. When I went around the country, all our delegates told me that their people on the ground were calling for me. The delegates gave me their promises and truly they have delivered. I am really touched by that.

My special gratitude to my campaign team and all the people who have worked tirelessly across the country to put me in this position.

The overwhelming endorsement is truly humbling. Today’s results show, I believe, that the party continues to remain emphatically united behind me.

I congratulate the Party’s leadership for organising these elections peacefully and without any hitches. I also congratulate my fellow contestants for participating in this contest and for running such a thorough campaign. We are all members of the great elephant family, and I trust that we will all work together to advance the cause of the NPP and, even more importantly, of mother Ghana.

I, myself, reemphasize my commitment to working for a united NPP, focused on a common opponent whom we must beat convincingly in the 2016 elections. Our nation must be put back again on the path to prosperity. Even though the work ahead will be arduous, I am confident that, together, we will answer the call of the Ghanaian people for a new beginning, a new path away from corruption, incompetence and mismanagement. The youth and people of our country need jobs, good education, quality healthcare, decent housing and an enhanced standard of living. Without running ahead of myself, I can say that an NPP government under my leadership will make these things a reality.

Together, we can rally the Ghanaian people to regain confidence in our future. To believe in the bright horizon and compelling prospects that await the Black Star of Africa. To be convinced that, with purposeful leadership, we can claim our rightful position in the affairs of Africa and of the World.

We cannot and will not fail the people of Ghana. I thank the Almighty God for his continued blessings on Ghana, the NPP and myself.

Thank you.


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