Fuel prices to go up Thursday


The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana, has hurriedly announced an increment in fuel prices which takes effect at the pumps from Thursday, March 17,  in response to a rise in crude oil prices.

A statement issued by the Chamber explained that “activities and movements in world market prices, which have gone up in the past two weeks, from below $30/barrel  to over $36/barrel as of Wednesday, has resulted in an upward adjustment of pump prices across the various bdcs”

The Chamber further advised the BDCs to “fill their tanks immediately if possible as bdc benchmarks have already gone up by between 2-5% and will soon reflect at the pumps.”

This increment comes barely four months after petroleum products were increased between 18 -30%, following the passage of the Energy Sector Levy, to enable government clear its debts. This increase was even at a time when crude prices were at the lowest.

A gallon of petrol sold around Ghc15.40 pesewas while diesel went for Ghc14.50 pesewas. The price of LPG also went up by about 18 percent.

Ghanaians complained bitterly about the increases which affected transport fares and cost of general goods and services, particularly at a time when companies were struggling and many had lost their jobs due to the power crisis.

The situation was  further worsened by increases in water and electricity tariffs by nearly 60%.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Wednesday, the Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, Duncan Amoah, explained that although a few fuel stations have already increased their fuel prices, changes in fuel prices will fully be effected at various fuel stations from Thursday morning.

“We are looking at moving from some 14.72 pesewas currently to about 15.26, 15.46 levels depending on the OMCs…By Thursday  morning, most of the fuel stations who buy from BDCs would have effected these changes at the pumps…”

Below is the full list of bdcs and their prices after taxes and margins for the period 16-31st March. 2016

1. Chase petroleum
Pms Ghc 3.397075
Ago. Ghc 3.38932
Kero. Ghc.2.546557

2. Juwel energy
Pms Ghc 3.35888
Ago. Ghc 3.358829

3. Vihama energy
Pms. Ghc 3.387775
Ago. Ghc.3.376325

4. Sage petroleum
Lpg. Ghc 3.299458

5. Blue ocean
Pms. Ghc 3.387205
Ago. Ghc. 3.387793
Kero. Ghc. 2.444215

6. Ebony oil
Pms. Ghc 3.369815
Ago. Ghc. 3.37005
Kero.ghc 2.402335

7. Globex energy
Pms. Ghc.3.315495
Ago. Ghc 3.3113

Pms. Ghc. 3.381565
Ago. Ghc. 3.367348


Source: citifmonline.com


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