Frempong-Manso has only 48 hours to change his mind

55158034.295It seems Rev. Dr. Yaw Frempong-Manso, the resigned former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), has forgotten everything about the VOWS he took at the time he was inducted into office as a Reverend Minister. He needs to be reminded that he has up to December 31, 2015, to make a bigger decision.

The VOWS constantly remind the Reverend Ministers of their commitment to serve the PCG as long as they remain Ministers. During the tenure of Rev. Dr. Frempong-Mnaso as the Moderator, he reminded some Reverend Ministers of their vows to the PCG.

One of the Reverend Ministers, who claimed anonymity, said Rev. Frempong-Manso reminded him of his vows when he (the Reverend) told him (Frempong-Manso) that he has an offer in Europe. As a result of the reminder of his vows by the Moderator, he declined the offer.

The Rev. Frempong-Manso has forgotten about his vows and needed to be reminded. If Rev. Dr. Frempong-Manso fails to reconsider his resignation, then the decision is intentional and deliberate.

I believe this is the last appeal to Rev. Dr. Frempong-Manso to rescind his decision to resign from the PCG.

According to the PCG Public Relations Officer Rev. Larbi, the PCG posted Rev. Dr. Frempong-Manso to the Presbyterian Church, United States of America (PC-USA) after his tenure of office as the Moderator. There is a wise saying “HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNES”. If this were true, Rev. Dr. Frempong-Manso should go back home quietly and peacefully. Rev. Dr. Frempong-Manso should show remarkable examples worthy of emulation.

The Rev. Dr. Frempong-Manso is a role model to many of the Ministers as well as the congregants globally and should not disappoint them. Although the resigned Ex-Moderator claims to have consulted his family about the issue, I personally doubt it. As a doubting Thomas, I consider this to be a disgrace to the family he claims to have consulted.

For peaceful settlement, Rev. Dr. Frempong-Manso should behave like the Biblical Story of the PRODIGAL SON. Else posterity will blame and hold him accountable for this devilish decision.

I hope the PCG will study the Ministers critically and carefully before electing one of them as a Moderator, because there are many wolves in sheep skins.


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