Freddie Blay is a “RABBIT”: Prez Mahama

President Mahama has once again landed a deadly punch on the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) describing them as “rabbits” he wouldn’t waste time on.

The president in an address to party members in the Volta Region during his ‘Changing Lives, Transforming Ghana tour’ ridiculed his fiercest political rivals by even labeling their acting National Chairman as ‘Opana’.

His recent attack on the NPP becomes the second time in a week that he has mounted a platform to unleash salvos on the party.

One Wednesday, the opposition NPP organized a press conference chaired by their acting National Chairman, Freddie Blay to inform President Mahama that he can’t escape from criticism after failing to deliver on the mandate for which he was voted into office.

In responding to the press conference, President Mahama stated that “I don’t intend to respond to that press conference. In Accra I said that when you are a hunter and you go to the forest to hunt for elephant, you don’t stop by the way to shoot at rabbits.

The press conference is a rabbit press conference and I don’t have time to shoot at rabbits because I am going to hunt an elephant”.

To rub more salts in their wounds the president went on to state that “on the day ‘Opana’ was doing his press conference to respond to me, somebody too was doing a press conference accusing them and saying he is going to court.

This one says I am acting chairman of the party, this one says I am chairman of the party. I thought ‘Opana’ would rather pay attention to the competence of uniting his party”.

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