Forgiveness Can Set a Prisoner Free and That Prisoner is You

Many of us go through life carrying a grudge, anger, hurt, or disappointment about things that happened during our childhood or at some point in our adult lives. They are equally painful and can often remain buried in our heart, possibly the cause of disease, for years. As much as we would like to forgive, we sometimes can’t conceive of forgiveness because we think it means condoning the wrong that we believe was done to us.

About four years ago while immersed in study, I learned a different method of forgiveness–a method I refer to as “energetic forgiveness.” It was an amazing concept to me and helped me unload a long-held resentment I held for my father, who left our family when I was a mere 11 years old. I welcomed the open-minded viewpoint and accepting principles that surround this very powerful concept.  It was liberating.

I decided to write this article to help as many people as possible learn to release their long-standing negative emotions through the use of energetic forgiveness. It has a very different definition that once known and understood is significantly more liberating and powerful than the more traditional definition. If you have only been exposed to the traditional understanding of religious forgiveness, read on. See if you think you resonate more closely with the energetic version or the traditional. Keep in mind it’s not a matter of right or wrong but more appropriately a matter of choice.

Energetic forgiveness is simple yet unbelievably powerful.  What it means is this.  When you forgive someone based on this Universal or spiritual concept, you are not at all condoning or accepting the behavior or whatever wrong was done to you. You are not expected to believe what happened was okay. You don’t have to have contact with the person to forgive them because you’re forgiving through yourself and your God, Spirit, Source, or whatever you choose to call this higher power.

What you’re doing when you forgive energetically is release all of the negative energy you carry for the person you hold responsible so that you can recover your positive energy, feel whole again, and finally move forward to a more peaceful and happy life. In other words, you no longer have that negative burden to carry. It loses its importance, and your heart heals.

With this understanding, you also release any other ill feelings that have resulted from carrying this burden for so long. It’s a breath of fresh air, a new life, a clean slate, a sigh of unbelievable relief.  It opens doors for you to step into a higher perspective that will allow you to grow, love life, and be who you really are. You are no longer inhibited by long-term negative emotions. This is a truth principle that just can’t be ignored.

These are the simple truths of energetic forgiveness. With this information, you may decide to learn more about it, put it into practice if you resonate with it, and ultimately find that peace that has eluded you for so many years.  I’d say it’s well worth a try, but again, neither this concept of forgiveness nor the more traditional is intended to be held out as right or wrong for anyone or everyone. It is more appropriately set out as a matter of choice, which is yours for the making.

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