FIVE THINGS that I took from watching Anas’ VIDEO

I was privileged to be one of the many people who had the opportunity to watch Anas’ video titled “Ghana in the eyes of God, epic of injustice” at the Accra International Conference Centre on 23/09/2015. These are the things (or lessons) that I took from it.

1. INTEGRITY: Hold on to your integrity all the time: your partner in crime could be the key witness against you. The judges thought they were dealing with someone (Anas) in secret but in the end, it is before the world.

2. BE SIGNIFICANT: The meaning of ‘Success’ has been corrupted and limited to material wealth. May be, as Bernard Avle said, we should rather aim to be ‘SIGNIFICANT’ (to our generation).

3. BE HOPEFUL: Because not all are corrupt. There are ‘upright’ people in society. You and I can be part of those people.

4. BE MOTIVATED: Because ANAS ‘alone’ has achieved the inconceivable. Let’s have ‘excuses’ (motivation) why we pursue our dreams which will make us significant.

5. PRAY: That God protects Anas, his family and his team. He is against the ‘evil ones’ and they are surely against him too.

What do you also make of the whole scandal? Any lessons for you?

Credit Kwabena Boateng/GhanaCulturePolitics