Five dead in Afram Plains as nomadic herdsmen clash with Kokombas


Five herdsmen alleged to be of Fulani origin are reported dead following clashes with and Kokombas at Afram Plains in the Eastern Region.

The clashes which began last week is said to have been caused by the murder of a farmer by a herdsman in the area.

Secretary to the Kokomba Chief, Moses Kpane, whose brother is the deceased, told Joy News in an interview that his brother was murdered by the herdsmen.

He said “When my senior brother went to the farm and around 3 p.m. we had a call from him that he was being attacked by the people [herdsmen] so we quickly rushed there to save his life. When they got there they did not see him at the farm, they called his phone he used to call the house and it rang but he didn’t pick.

“They mounted a search around the area but they didn’t see him. They went back the following day [Saturday] we mobilized people and went back to the farm but we didn’t find him. On Sunday we organized another search before they found him,” he added.

He said his brother was found three kilometers from his farm, adding “the people killed him and took him and dumped him there.”

He said although the incident was reported to the police, arrests are yet to be made.

Joy News’ eastern regional correspondent, Kofi Siaw who was in the area reports that the atmosphere in the district is tense.

He said the herdsmen have been compelled to remain in one place due to fears of encountering the Kokombas, which might lead to another clash.

Kofi said “the place is very charged and very tense,” adding that the police themselves are overwhelmed by the situation.

Eastern regional police PRO ASP Yaw Nketia said a combined military-police team has been deployed to the area.

He said it was unfair for anyone to say the police have refused to act on the issue and urged residents to be forthcoming with any information which will assist them in solving the problem.

“We work with the community and informants so if you have information you don’t keep it to your chest and take a unilateral decision to go and attack someone or a suspected person.”

He added that the murders are being investigated.