First Capital Plus rebrands to Capital bank

capital-bank-620x330First Capital Plus Bank which is a wholly-owned Ghanaian bank was given a banking license to operate in August, 2013 after operating as a Savings & Loans company since October, 2009.Speaking to Citi Business News at the sidelines of the launch of the rebranding event Chief Executive Officer of now Capital Bank Fritzgerald Odonkor said though the macroeconomic environment is tough the bank hopes to rope in more of the informal sector with attractive and efficient services.

“What is interesting is that for the past three months our performance has increased and we are leveraging on this and our rebranding to actually increase our profits and our level of efficiency. Yes we are part of the system, we are experiencing the same challenges as other institutions are facing but our commitment to efficient services to meeting the needs of clients and giving them value has given us an advantage especially our ability to develop products.”

‘These products we developed brings in more of the informal sector to the formal sector giving us the leverage which we intend to build upon under our new name capital bank to ultimately increase our returns to our shareholders and also other stakeholders’. Chief Executive Officer of now Capital Bank Fritzgerald Odonkor said.


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