FDA shuts down pharmaceutical company for repackaging unsafe drug

fdaThe Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has shut down the Tesano warehouse of GB Pharma for allegedly repackaging for sale drugs destroyed in the June 3 floods.

Some top officials of the Indian pharmaceutical company have also been picked up for interrogation by security forces.

Joy News’ checks reveal that GB Pharma is repackaging these drugs for sale despite receiving insurance claims for the destruction of the drugs in the flood.

The devastating floods on June 3 affected the Graphic Road warehouse of the pharmaceutical company, flooding it with dirty water from Accra’s choked drains.

Joy News’ Fred Smith quote FDA officials saying that GB Pharma officials transported the drugs to their Tesano warehouse for drying and repackaging.

Residents of the area, who have been observing the clandestine activities of the pharmaceutical company, tipped off officials.

The residents fear some of these drugs have found their way onto the shelves of pharmacies across the country.

They say two truckloads of the drugs have been sent out of the Tesano warehouse.

FDA investigations have begun in earnest.

source: myjoyonline.com