Expresso Customers: NCA failing us

Telecom operator Expresso’s woes seem far from over as rival telco, Airtel, has also cut its service to the beleaguered company for non-payment of service fees.

MTN earlier froze its interconnectivity service to the company once known as Kasapa for similar reasons. Although the National Communication Authority has directed Expresso to state clearly its challenge to clients and urging customers to port their numbers temporarily, the affected customers believe the NCA could do more in safeguarding their interest.

Customers who use the service of Expresso have expressed dismay at the turn of events blaming the contending disruptions in service has led to inconveniences including loss of deals and strain on personal relationships.

Whiles Expresso’s customers have the option to port their numbers, some customers believe sale of the business is the way out.

Expresso agents say the main challenge of the company is its affiliation with Sudan and Sudatel, which has made it difficult to raise capital locally and internationally to re-equip the business.

source : Michael Eli Dokosi | GhanaWeb