EXOPA Boss was ‘a distressed man in jail’ – Ken Kuranchie

The Editor of the Daily Searchlight newspaper Ken Kuranchie who spent some days at the Nsawam Prison after being found guilty of contempt by the Supreme Court in 2013 has told Citi News that Ibrahim Sima was a distressed man whilst in jail.

Ibrahim Sima died last Thursday night at the Police Hospital in Accra after being rushed there from the Nsawam prison where he was serving a 15-year jail term for trafficking narcotics.

“I got to know Sima while I was in custody and I spoke to him a lot about his case. From the nature of what he told him, if what he told me was true, then I believe that we had an innocent person in jail. He was a very distressed young man. This man shouldn’t have been jailed,” Kuranchie said.

Ken Kuranchie insisted that the international model and Chief Executive Officer of the Exopa Model Agency, Sima, was unfairly jailed.

According to him, the evidence adduced by the prosecution was not enough to have warranted Ibrahim Sima’s incarceration.

He added that “I think that we have lost a very enterprising young man. I think that the courts of this country, our judges should really make an attempt to find a proper balance between the prosecution and the defense because if he had been outside, he could have afforded any level of medical care for himself.”

“If a bag is opened in my absence and things are found in my bag, can you conclude that I am the person who put it there?” he questioned, speaking for Sima.

He also was concerned about the conditions at the Nsawam Prison and the kind of health care available to prisoners.

“If you look at the conditions of the hospital inside the Nsawam prison, you will not risk lying there for even one minute,” Ken Kuranchie said.

Meanwhile, authorities at the Police Hospital have begun investigations into the cause of the death of Ibrahim Sima.

source : citifmonline.com