Ex Gitmo detainee questions the Settlement of two ex detainees in Ghana

903006859_58029An ex Guantanamo prison detainee who has now been reunited with his family in UK Shaker Aamer has questioned the decision to settle two ex-detainees in Ghana adding the two should be reunited with their families.

“Now they sent two of the detainees to Ghana…a country in the middle of Africa, A country they know nothing about and their culture and everything …… all they wanted is to go back to their families”

Shaker who was detained for 14years and tortured without a charge was reunited with his family in UK after a long campaign by human rights activists.

The 49 year old Saudi Arabia citizen added settling them in Ghana where they know nobody is like moving them to another prison.

Speaking to RT international in an exclusive interview he said nobody in Gitmo is guilty but held on trumped up charges questioning for 14years the US has failed to prove the allegations brought against them.

Shaker who was alleged to have close ties to Osama bin Laden called for the closure of Gitmo today for the inhumane treatment of detainees.

Flanked by his two sons he talked about his innocence and narrated how he was psychologically and physically tortured to force him to confess.

“Guantanamo is run by psychologists with the sole purpose of destroying the human beings it holds.

Ghana has been debating the decision by government to accept two ex-detainees Mahmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef,36, and Khalid Shayk Mohammed, 34 in recent times

Despite US President Barack Obama’s promise to close the detention camp back in 2009, over a 100 inmates remain at Guantanamo today largely due to countries refusal to take back the detainees. The prison in Cuba was established in 2002 to house captives taken in the “war on terror” and has hosted 779 inmates since.

The UK has since accepted seven ex detainees from Gitmo back.

Shaker who has pledge to continue his campaign to free detainees brothers as he calls them believes they poses no threat to the world.

By Jacob Akwasi Sarkodie.
A Ghanaian journalist living in Germany.

source: ghanaweb.com

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