Evicted Zimbabwe white farmers in ‘symbolic South Africa win’

33A property owned by Zimbabwe’s government in South Africa has been sold to compensate white farmers evicted from their land in Zimbabwe.

The auction followed a five-year battle to force the government to pay legal costs, after it lost a court challenge against its controversial land reforms.

The farmers’ lawyer said it was a “symbolic victory” and vowed to target other Zimbabwe-owned properties.

Zimbabwe launched several court bids in a failed attempt to contest the ruling.

Property speculator Arthur Tsimatakopoulos bought the house for about $282,000, reports the BBC’s Mohammed Allie in Cape Town.

But most of the cash will go on legal costs, the farmers’ lawyer Willie Spies said.

“This is a symbolic victory and we will pursue other commercial properties owned by Zimbabwe,” said Mr Spies, who represented the farmers through AfriForum, a mainly white civil rights group in South Africa.

source: bbc.com