Ever Rocked A Sheer Blouse? A Few Tips For You Before You Consider Doing So


Sheer blouses have always appealed to me but the daunting fact is considering what you would wear inside right from your camisole to your bra then you also have to figure out what to wear with it.

Some of us are brave enough to pull it off in the best possible way while other’s aren’t. So if you don’t know how to or you don’t feel you can pull this look off then this 3 tips should come in handy;

Opt for a camisoleRather than using a bra you could go straight to using the camisole. In truth there are only a few people who can pull a bra only look but in reality many of us stick to camisoles and to make sure your ensembles neat to the teeth, you an decide to wear the camisole only rather than pairing it with a bra. Make sure the camisole fits snugly on your body because if its too tight it tends to ride up your waist.

Make sure you color coordinate, the color should at least rhyme or blend with what you are wearing rather than being standoffish and odd.


Pair with high waist trousers or skirts
The best way to rock a sheer blouse is when its tucked in, of cause you know rocking it with a skirt is almost always the norm but did you know the high waist trousers works good as well? You can also leave your sheer blouse /shirt out if you have on jeans, this adds a bit of character and it also makes the camisole visible.

Layering skills needs some special set of eyes, so you need to note that a sheer blouse looks very sexy when its a hint and not the center of attention. therefore you can rock your share blouse under a blazer, vest, trench coat etc… you could also tuck it beneath a large sweater.

Sheer blouses are a great support and lift to your wardrobe here are some ways you can rock a sheer blouse with style.

Below are some pictures of ladies who killed it in sheer blouse.







Source: FashionGhana.com

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