ESPA tricycles to create 8,000 jobs


President of the Environmental Service Providers Association of Ghana (ESPA), Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong has said the 2,000 waste collection motorized tricycles that ESPA has introduced will create 8,000 jobs for the youth of the country.

ESPA introduced the tricycles to inject some sanity into the waste collection operations by ensuring proper coordination and regulation of the private waste management organisations in the country.

But Dr. Agyepong, who is also the Chairman of the Jospong and Zoomlion Groups, told Adom News the side benefit is that it will provide at least 8,000 jobs for the youth.

He explained that the driver of the tricycle and partner would mean 4,000 jobs and the welders, painters and regularly repairers would also get jobs, which would eventually bring the number of jobs from the 2,000 tricycles to about 8,000.

Again, those who will go for the tricycles, would use it on work and pay basis so it will eventually become theirs to help generate better income for them and their families.

The tricycles were obtained with a US$2million loan from a Chinese company called Nanjee Wonders, and Dr. Agyepong said over time ESPA will add more tricycles.

Currently, several waste management companies have their own trucks and tricycles which collect waste from people’s homes.

According to Dr. Agyepong, most of those tricycles end up dumping their waste in drainage systems and people’s backyards because they do not have designated dumping sites.

That, he said, leads to choked drainage systems which then result in flood-related disasters like the one that happened on June third last year.

He is therefore urging all waste collection groups to register with ESPA and be given well labelled tricycles and training on how to collect and transport the waste to designated points where trucks could then convey them to processing plants.

“The tricycles will be given the opportunity to dump the waste at designated places in Teshie and Achimota then the trucks will convey them to Tema, Kotoku, and other bigger sites for treatment,” he said.

Dr. Agyepong is confident that with the help of the ESPA tricycle project, Accra will become significantly clean within the next six months.

He said part of the 2,000 tricycles will be sent to other regions where ESPA members operate to ensure that the whole country is cleaned thoroughly, adding that as part of the project, every home will also be provided with dust bins for a registration fee and a monthly collection fee.

Mayor of Accra, Alfred Oko Vanderpuye who performed a tape cutting ceremony to launch the tricycles, told Adom News he is thankful to ESPA for the intervention to clean Accra and also provide jobs for the youth.

He is therefore urging all independent waste collection organization to join ESPA to ensure proper regulation of waste management industry.

Meanwhile, ESPA has hinted that anyone who goes into any zone designated for ESPA members to collect waste, will be arrested and dealt with by the ESPA taskforce.

 Source: adomonline

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