E/R: ‘Dead’ man resurrects at mortuary

98996340.295A 70-year-old dead man being prepared to be preserved at the Kwahu Atibie Government Hospital morgue in the Eastern region has strangely resurrected.

The man who allegedly died on Friday in Accra was sent to the hospital by his family who are residents of Kwahu.

Speaking to Starr News, a bewildered nurse at the facility said the body of the “dead man” was wrapped in a white cloth and brought to the hospital to be prepared for the morgue while the family prepares for burial and funeral rite.

According to her, just as the body was being prepared the dead man whose name has not been given suddenly woke up.

She added that the shocking incident frightened the undertakers in the room.

The man is currently on admission at the hospital receiving treatment.

source: ghanaweb.com

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