Enforcement of parliamentary code lauded


Government’s decision to enforce the Parliamentary code of conduct bill has been lauded.

The Executive Director for the Ghana Institute of Governance and Security, GIGS, David Agbe who spoke With Gladys Osei Owiredu, on News Desk today said the implementation of the code of conduct bill would enhance and regulate the behavioral patterns of parliamentarians since human beings are complex in their own way.

Taking their dress code for instance, a member of parliament cannot wear a hat whiles addressing the speaker.

He added: the code would spell out the “Do’s and Don’ts” of parliamentarians saying that if a member violates the code of conduct bill, he will be sanctioned appropriately in the confines of the law.

This would allow parliamentarians to follow a standardized code of conduct and regulations.

He added; It would also serve as a mirror and make each member play a watchdog role.

Taking a swipe at the general public locally and globally, David Agbee said it would serve as a platform and pave way for the layman on the street to access parliamentarians and question them when they thread waywardly.

He has therefore entreated the public to read the law and educate themselves on laid down procedures.

He says the current orientation given to MPs before they take up office is not enough. The code of conduct he says would make the MPs more responsible.

According to him, It would also bring more technical and knowledgeable people in to the scene so that they can make contributions and know how to negotiate for contracts and sponsorships.

The small constitution, he said, would also help parliamentarians not to take hasty decisions.

source : myjoyonline.com