Enemies of Africa


I’ve once asked a senior Nigerian official “Who are the enemies of Nigeria?”

He was kind of shaken or upset by my question and responded with a sharp tone: “Enemies? We don’t have enemies. We are in the family of the United Nations, and we work there to contribute to peace in the world. We are friend with everyone!”

Is the Nigerian official naive, or is it real that Africa has no enemy?

Every year, the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, make a list of their enemies: enemy country, enemy private and public organizations,  enemy non-profit organizations, individual enemies, and also a list of the main threats to their national security.

This year, 2014, the list put China as the most dangerous enemy country of the United States, along with other countries like: Iran, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

There are about 100 nonprofit organizations on the american list of enemy organizations or terrorists group. There is also a list of enemy individuals, therefore they are banned to enter the american territory.For example the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was denied in 2005 a diplomatic A-2 visa to the United States. In addition, the B-1/B-2 visa that had previously been granted to him was revoked, for reasons only the United States know.

This year in April 2014, Hamid Aboutalebi, an Iranian envoy to the United Nations was denied a visa  to enter the United States because of his role as a translator for the militants who stormed the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and held American citizens hostage. (The US keep records, has a long memory, and don’t forget to punish).

At some point, even a western country like France was considered an enemy country, in 2003, because they opposed the invasion of Iraq, and if you remember well, French fries were relabeled “freedom fries” for a while. As a far reaching consequence, the whole computer system of the French president palace Elysées was hacked, and huge effort has been made to hijack the french political system until a US puppet president Nicolas Sarkozy was elected, then France became again a US ally, and in the same token France put their military forces under Nato command.

Every year, through various and sophisticated media network, the US government inform their citizens about their enemies, why they are on the list, and also enlist their people support to  deal with external threats: their NGOs, Banks, press, companies, agents, and even mainstream individuals are mobilized to deal with what ever they consider as enemy.

Moreover, as the leader of the western world, the enemies of the United States are  de facto the enemies of EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, etc.

Now, for God Sake, if the United States is naming its enemies, why the hell when someone point to the enemies of Africa, most of my fellow africans would start an infantile game of “we must stop pointing fingers and hold ourselves accountable.”

All countries list their friends and enemies and fight the latter in medias and wherever necessary with force and determination!

  • Where is the African Union list of Africa enemies?
  • Where is the list of people, organizations involved in African people slavery?
  • Where is the list of enemy non-profit organizations or companies?
  • Where is the list of families who still hold African looted art or gold?
  • Where is the list of the people who killed or committed mass killings on African people?
  • Where is the list of intellectuals who support racism and racial supremacy?
  • Where is the list of those who helped and supported apartheid?

Pointing fingers is also part of our fight. It does not diminish it nor makes us irresponsible!

Now, do African men have enough hard balls to do that?

No, they are too scared! they are afraid to name their enemies!

Then, I asked myself, “Why are we so afraid to name our enemies?”

Finally the answer came from my friend Imhotep Lesage “They refuse to name their enemies because of the psychological leap it entails. If you name him you have to fight him. Many africans are cowards it’s a sad reality.”

If we decide to put in place an industrial policy we will come face to face with those who don’t want us to compete with them on equal footing. China and asia is eating their luch, there is only one place where they can dump their ”surplus” production: Africa. The APE accords of the EU and other frameworks are new shackles to prevent our rise.

Yet the cowards refuse to see the facts. If and when Africa (leading countries) decide to develop a merchant marine they will need to build a navy to defend those ships. There is no free market, never was, never will be. Can we protect OUR markets effectively that’s the question. The united states has 12 aircraft carriers forcing the world to take it’s dollars…”

As a French white supremacist said it “The reason Africans are losing all their battles is because they don’t know they in a war since 1433″.