EL really shocked me -Tinny


On Monday night’s episode of The Late night Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana, Tinny was welcomed to a discussion on the recent ‘beefs’ in Ghana’s music industry, by host Eddy Blay.

When asked about the Manifest and Sarkodie beef, he indicated that Sarkodie had the biggest advantage rapping in Twi which is the most spoken language in the country, whereas many Ghanaians had problems with Manifest’s big English vocabs.

This further led to a conversation about artistes who also dropped tracks during the beef, with EL’s name popping up.

That was when Tinny indicated that EL really shocked him.

According to Tinny;

“When are you bringing Berla home? Oh please..oh i beg. that song dierr. EL shocked me. He was talking about his mummy, mummy!! Mummy said i should…”

When Eddy Blay asked if perhaps EL was just trying to stay out of the beef while staying relevant with a track, Tinny answered saying;

“Drop an article (if you want to stay relevant) and say you want peace or blaa blaa. Your fans were expecting something from you, then you say mummy said when are you bringing Berla home and blaa blaa. That’s not hip-hop.”

When asked what he would have done in EL’s situation, Tinny said;

“I would come back harder than what Sarkodie did in three days.”


Source: enterghana