Economy killing movie industry – Abeiku Sagoe

Prolific movie writer and director, Abeiku Sagoe, has expressed disquiet about how the country’s economy is affecting the movie industry.

According to him, the “bad nature” of the economy makes it difficult for investors and corporate organisations to commit resources into the movie industry.

“Our challenge has always been the lack of adequate funding to help make our movies compete on the international market,” he asserted.

Mr. Tagoe made these assertions when he spoke to Entertainment Today yesterday in Accra via telephone on the future of the film industry in Ghana.

He did not want believe that Nigerian movies were better than the Ghanaian ones.

However, he admitted the movie industry in Nigeria (Nollywood) is more resourced than that of Ghana.

The veteran film producer and actor lamented how technology has affected the way of acting in Ghana, leaving room for all kinds of films “which do not reflect on the cultural values of the country.”

“In the 1980s we were acting for the sake of love for the industry and not necessary for money,” he recounted.

Though he admitted it was good to make money he bemoaned the situation where some producers, directors and actors including actresses, allowed money to “cloud their conscience.”

He further recounted that Ghanaians did not know much about Chinese, American and Indian films until recently when technology became the order of the day.

He was very optimistic that the movie industry in Ghana would become much better if it is well-packaged and resourced.

“We can be like the Hollywoods and the Bollywoods if the industry can have the needed support and resources,” he said.

Source : Today Newspaper