‘Economy can’t be transformed without manufacturing‘

Ghana’s economy cannot get transformed if the manufacturing sector is always marginalised, Managing Director of ALUWORKS, Kwasi Okoh has said.

“We have to understand whether we need manufacturing in this country or not. For me, the answer is clear. Manufacturing provides jobs; manufacturing provides taxes; manufacturing ensures that we can add value to everything that we can even import, or our own local material.

“It is a necessary part of our business, so that this country can boast of our own,” Okoh told STARR BUSINESS’ Osei Owusu Amankwaah in an interview. According to him, “…if we do recognise that we need it, then we have to put certain things in place to make manufacturing survive because we are talking about laissez-faire, free economy,” adding: “…They have not really realised what they need to structure the economy.”

The ALUWORKS Boss said: “If we want to transform, which is the theme for the budget, then we really have to understand what the economy should look like.”

“It should include the right pillars but they are ignoring the manufacturing pillar.”

source : starrfmonline.com