ECG is worst service provider in Ghana – Survey

Seventy-five percent (75%) of Ghanaians have ranked the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the worst public service delivery agency.

This is contained in the latest Afrobarometer survey released on Thursday.

According to the report, most Ghanaians are dissatisfied with government’s delivery of public services such as electricity, healthcare, education, water and sanitation, and road maintenance; the latest Afrobarometer survey findings show.

Ghana has been experiencing massive energy problems in the last two years because of energy generation and distribution challenges.

The ECG has defended itself by saying it only distributes the power it receives from the Volta River Authority (VRA).

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and the Private Enterprise Federation (PEF) have lamented over the collapse of companies during this period.

The AGI also named the power crisis as one of the key indicators stifling business growth in its Afrobarometer report.

Government has been battling to solve the energy crisis, insisting that new thermal plants and investments will soon make the current load shedding exercise a thing of the past.

Most Ghanaians assessed government as having performed “very badly” or “fairly badly” in providing reliable electricity (75%), maintaining roads and bridges (68%), providing water and sanitation services (66%), addressing educational needs (63%), and improving basic health services (61%)

Key Findings

Compared to previous Afrobarometer surveys, the public’s negative evaluations of government’s performance in delivering these services has increased significantly, ranging from 28 percentage points (water and sanitation) to 59 percentage points (reliable electricity).

Ghanaians’priorities for a potential increase in public spending are education (cited by 47% of respondents) and health care (29%).

45% of Ghanaians are opposed to increases in taxes or user fees in exchange for increased government health expenditures.

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