ECG Explains Power Cuts In Accra


Director of Communications at the Electricity of Ghana says the power outages experienced in some parts of Accra within the past 24 hours have nothing to do with load shedding.

According to William Boateng, the interruption in power supply is due to an accident which led to a cable cut, tripping the system at its Mallam Bulk Supply Point (BSP).

Several parts of Accra including Mallam, Weija, Dansoman, Kwashieman and Santa Maria were plunged into darkness last Tuesday evening.

After about three years of a power crisis, yesterday’s incident re-ignited anxiety about the country’s power supply situation.

When William Boateng was asked whether this indicated a possible re-lapse, he discounted it, explaining that the power generating company, Volta River Authority (VRA), was currently producing enough power to meet the demand.

Mr. Boateng said engineers at the ECG worked assiduously to restore power to some areas soon after the outage occurred in the western part of Accra.

After apologising for any inconveniences caused, Mr. Boateng said power supply will be restored to the affected parts by yesterday evening.


Source: Today NewsPaper