EC officially launches new logo


The Electoral Commission (EC) has explained that it removed the coat of arms from its new logo because it [EC] did not represent the authority of the state.

“We also removed the ballot box because our work is beyond just the ballot box,” the EC Chairperson, Mrs Charlotte Osei said at the launch of its five-year strategic plan.

According to her, the new logo represents a unified common purpose and vision and demonstrates the EC’s independence as an institution.

“This is our logo, we picked it, we like it and it makes us happy,” Mrs Osei noted.

What the new logo represents

•  The circle represents unity; singular and unified in its purpose – OUR DEMOCRACY

•  The blue of the circle represents the Stability and Independence of the Commission

•  The inward moving arrows reflect all the people of Ghana EQUALLY coming together for the common purpose – the right to select their political leadership

•  The use of the red, gold and green represents our country Ghana

•  The Whole identity represents a unified common purpose and vision and DEMONSTRATES our INDEPENDENCE as an institution.



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