Ebola is satanic – Prophet Nkansah

The leader and General Overseer of the African Faith Tabernacle Church, Prophet David Nkansah II has observed that the Ebola Virus is a satanic ailment.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE on the subject over the weekend, he said people must be extra careful and pray against the spread of the disease described as the most deadly in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He said Ghanaians must pray to God in order to avert the outbreak of the disease in the country.

Odeefuo Nkansah said people should start wearing hand gloves to church and other public places since contact with infected persons raises the risk of infection.

“Handshakes are very important. That is how we show affection. If you refuse to shake me it means you hate me. That is why we need to pray and ensure Ebola is kept far from our borders.”

The man of God also advised people to adhere to safety measures and keep their surroundings clean.

He called on people to stop eating animals like bats and monkeys.

Prophet David Nkansah said “It is likely that Ebola is one of the end time signs.

“Indeed, one can conclude that we are in the end times.”

He said pastors must be on guard and pray ceaselessly for God to help Ghana and other endemic countries.

Prophet Nkansah also urged the clergy to use their platform to spread the news about Ebola and its prevention.

He called on both medical and herbal practitioners to intensify their research so to find a cure for EVD.

The EVD, formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is transmitted to people from wild animals and also spreads through human-to-human.

The first EVD outbreak occurred in remote villages in Central Africa in 1976.

The current outbreak in West Africa is the most complex in history.

On August 8, the WHO Director-General declared the current outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

So far records indicate a total of 4,896 people have lost their lives out of 9,915 cases, with Liberia being the hardest hit.

source : Daily Guide

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