Eastern Regional Police Commander DCOP Angwubutoge Awuni is dead


The Eastern Regional Police Commander, DCOP Angwubutoge Awuni, has died.

He died at the Police Hospital Monday morning in Accra after a short illness.

The Deputy Eastern Regional Police Commander, ACP James Abass Abaa, confirmed the death to an Accra based Radio.

“We are all shocked to the core,” ACP Abass said, sounding very emotional and devastated. “In his brief stay with us here, he has introduced his dynamism, his frankness, his utmost honesty that he is made up of had an impact on all of us here.” ACP James Abass Abaa.

“He spoke his mind. He fought corruption with all his zeal. And it didn’t matter whose ox was gored, Awuni would put it bluntly to you when you are wrong,” ACP Abass said.

“I can say Awuni has no peers in the Ghana Police Service,” he added.

DCOP Awuni was Director of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department at the Headquarters.

Until his death, DCOP Awuni was an accredited Council Member of the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana.

He was the first director of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service.

He joined the Service as a physician and later rose through the ranks to become a trainer at the Ghana Police Hospital.

He was also a Physician Assistant Anesthesia /EMT Trainer at the Ghana National Ambulance Service.

Source: GBC

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