DVLA Complains Of Interference By Govt Officials


The Brong Ahafo Regional Manager of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) Antwi, Bosompem, has observed that interference by supposed government officials, politicians and church leaders is impeding the smooth operations of the authority in the region.

The phenomenon, he noted, was encouraging indiscipline on the roads as well as affecting morale among staff of the authority.

Mr. Bosompem said many drivers arrested during their operations for breaking the law were set free because they know some big men in society who come to plead on their behalf.

He said that most vehicles and motorbikes within the assemblies in the country move about without valid documents.

Mr. Bosompem lamented that “we need the law to take its course in every institution of this country if Ghana is to move forward”.

Speaking in an interview with The Ghanaian Times, Mr. Bosompem mentioned driving without licence, expired road worthy certificates or expired driving licence as road offences being committed by the drivers.

According to him, his outfit mobilised GH¢6,116 as fines from prosecutions between June and August, this year, adding that eight drivers were cautioned for minor offences, such as change of colour of vehicle, defaced reflectors, non reflectors among others.

The Regional Manager said that DVLA had abolished the system of compulsorily written examinations before acquiring licences and that the authority only organised training for prospectivedrivers before giving them licences


Source: ghanaian times