Dumsor Politics Will Time Catch Up with NPP ?

12217991.295The Dumsor politics of NPP I believe, time will catch up with them as such cheap politics of feeding into uncontrolled natural crisis coupled with infrastructural deficiencies faced by Ghana since independence. The power crisis is not the making of NDC but a perennial recurrence of neglect by past managers of Ghana. So , the blame can’t be put solely on the head of NDC .
The NDC has received too much bash and condemnations from the citizenry spearheaded by the NPP.The power crisis though, had caused many businesses to fold up , affected lots of people in their day to day affairs and in general the whole country. That is a fact I must be quick to admit .But I disagree with the NPP using the power cuts crises as a catch phrase and a propaganda tool to awash Ghanaians brain. It’s coming too much as NPP has no message to tell Ghanaians. Instead of telling us how they’ll solve the energy crises, we hear nothing except blame and empty rhetorics .
It’s time these people stopped deceiving Ghanaians by their postures whenever there’s a problem or crises facing Ghana. You don’t hear people proposing or given alternative solutions to problems in Ghana but apportioning blames, wild allegations and misinformation is the order of the day. Once there is a problem in Ghana, you’ll hear all manner of people on radio talking and discussing it but none will delve into how the problem can be solved.
A typical example is when NPP challenged the election 2012 in our Supreme Court, one could hear all categories of the so- called experts , pocket lawyers, serial – callers you name them, all on air , pronouncing judgement and making wild allegations . They didn’t want to wait for the final arbiter (The Supreme Court) to rule on the case . We all saw how some of them landed in jail for mouthing too much and contempt of court.
NPP had better tell us when they come to power , they will bring in or add up so and so mega watts of power .They should be telling us how they’ll get money to do it nothing short of that will not be entertained. We don’t want to hear only singing but how they’re going dance to the music.
With the seriousness Mahama and his government attached to solving the power crises, points to the end of the Dumsor. I think there is a strong will to face the bull by the horns, as positive moves and steps have been taken by NDC .
Will NPP shift the goalpost when Dumsor ends? . Guess !

source: ghanaweb.com

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