deep water ripple

I was a friend of an old man, very old, in fact that was as old as he could get, he is dead now.

He was in charge of the community pipe borne water. It was near our football playing field.

Most often, I was the guy with the ball and so all the other good players have to be on my team. We were unbeatable most of the time and the day we are beaten I have to “catch my ball” or “be allowed to score”.

During half time, we troop to the old man’s pipe water stand for a drink. He had several cups we could use to fetch water. Sometimes we even fought over one particular cup.

As kids, we will fetch a cup full and only drink a small amount. Another kid will come and do same.

Jack, was the old man’s name. He would say to me and that is to relay the information to the group, “DRINK DEEP OR TASTE NOT”.

I am always curious so I would ask him, “Jack, what does that mean?”

First, son, this is a quote by Alexander Pope; “A little learning is a dangerous thing: drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring”. 

“Many people in life when they have something to do or given a responsibility they act as if they are doing it and at the same time as if they are not doing it”, Jack ended.

This advise of his I have hidden in my heart till now. As I write about it today I reflect on it. Many start projects we leave half way. Relationships and journeys that never end.

Sometimes you have to evaluate and decide on what to do but if you can, drink deep. Change the plan but not the goal. You may have tasted some things but resolve to either drink deep the next time or you taste not.

You may be stopped, there may be distractions but get back on your feet and drink deep.

Whatever your hands find you to do, do it with all your strength.

You never know what will happen until you totally commit to it. Invest in it your time, money and everything.

What cup of idea have you started drinking? Don’t stop after a few sips, drink deep! 

Be focused, if you are not interested then taste not but once you have started drinking…DRINK DEEP!

Commit totally to your dreams!

We shall win

May not be immediate

But definitely!


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