DRAFT: Apology letter on behalf of John Mahama

This is a DRAFT apology letter written for (and on behalf of) President Mahama. This was drafted by a patriotic citizen who is hoping that the presidency will copy and use.

It reads as follows:

Fellow Ghanaians, I have observed that a lot of you have expressed displeasure at my decision to accept a car gift from a Burkinabe contractor. I have thought through the issue and I agree with your sentiments. I should not have accepted the gift for the following reasons.

1. Cultural Norms
Culturally we give gifts:

  • To family and friend
  • To show gratitude
  • To show compassion to the poor or support a course.

The Burkinabe is not my relative or ‘friend’. I am not poor so I did not need his car. It is now clear to me that he used the gift as a bait to get favours from me and by extension my government. As a business person, there is no way he would buy a brand new car to a stranger (that’s me) without expecting any favours.

To the extent I could not make this deduction at the time of receiving the gift, I am sorry for the misjudgment.

2. Fence Wall for $650,000 (GHC 2.5m)
I sincerely regret that a whooping amount of $0.65m was spent to build a mere fence wall and I did not sanction the officers involved. The contractor for this ridiculous contract was the giver of the gift.

The nation still lacks vital amenities such as potable water, good roads, good schools, health facilities etc. To use $0.65m to build a fence wall meant less money for all those vital amenities which are lacking. In hindsight, this was clearly a misplaced priority. Please forgive me for the misjudgment.

Finally, I wish to thank Manasseh Azure Awuni for his efforts to help build a better Ghana. He deserves praise and not condemnation. May he live ‘forever’ for other journalists to learn from him.

I am Sorry! Please forgive me. Thank you all.
Written for H.E John Dramani Mahama
By: Kwabena Boateng (A patriotic citizen)

Author: Kwabena Boateng (kwabenaboatengwritings@gmail.com)

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