Don’t worry, God’s got our back

7490718871820_4430740921758Recently, my daughter brought home a letter from school about an impending school trip. To her, this was a very important field trip and she just could not wait for me to sign and return the letter to school as that would guarantee her attendance.

However, to her dismay the next morning, her precious letter was nowhere to be found. She searched everywhere possible asking me umpteen times when and where I had last seen it.

I assured her that she should not worry because the school could easily give me another copy to sign. She said ok, but I could still see she was worried. She kept looking and looking till we left for church that day.

As I looked at her, laughing at her in my head that she was worried about something we already had a solution to, it hit me: that was probably how God felt when as His children we worried about the challenges He already knew the answers to.

For some time now, I have been worrying. Erhm, actually for the longest time I have been worrying about everything from the dangers of this world to the uncertainties of the future and anything negative in between them.

Time and again I would read a Scripture or two in the Bible in which God would tell me not to worry and I would say ‘ok Daddy, I totally trust You because You’ve always been there for me’. Sadly, in spite of this affirmation I sometimes forget and go back to worrying.

So why do I feel the need to share this? Well, I know that I am not the only one who worries and if you are a mother like me then you totally know what I am going on about. But just as I need to remind myself that God knows much more than I do and He will help me, I would like to encourage you too to stop worrying because He really has got our backs. These days I ask myself; ‘is it possible that I love myself and the people I care about more than how God loves us?’ Obviously not! So what exactly is my problem?

The year 2016 is pregnant with possibilities not uncertainties. Always remember who has got your back no matter the situation. You are a child of the Creator of this limitless universe; He already has the answers to the questions you are yet to ask. Really, seek Him first and ALL other things will be added to you.

Stop worrying and swag your fabulous self in 2016.

Merry Christmas!


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