Don’t sack people from Church over indecency – Rev. Boadum


The Presiding Bishop of the Jesus Generation Ministries, Rt. Rev. Dr. Anyani Boadum, has said turning people away in Church because of their indecent dressing is not the best way of curbing vice in the house of God.

The Pedu Catholic Church in Cape Coast in the Central Region, claiming to be battling with indecent dressing among the youth in the Church, has instituted a measure to stop people without the church’s prescribed dress code from entering the church premises.

A leader from the Church who spoke to Kasapa 102.3 FM Monday, Peter Wilsesor said samples of such unacceptable dresses have been pasted on the Church’s notice board to serve as a guide to the youth.

“We’re taking the opportunity to educate them gradually, and regulate them on the preferred and the right kind of dresses to wear to Church. We are also telling them to spread the message to their friends and relatives that on occasions like weddings they should try and comply with the regulations on our dress code. We’re taking the fight to control our youth on immorality, and besides, it is the decision of the Church Board to address this problem in so many ways. We’ll engage the parents soon to extend this even at home.

But, Rev. Anyani Boadum interacting with Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM said although the Christians ought to be modest in their dressing to church, its rather a high handed decision for the Church to stop people from worshiping as a result of their indecent dresses.

For him, the problem could best be resolved through counselling and guidance.

“It is not proper for one to be turned away in Church because of the kind of dress they have worn. It should be the Ministry of the Church women to take that role and speak to such people in situations like this. Ministry has been restricted to the pulpit, which is not right.

“If you face this situation in the Church, the best way is for the women to offer them with a scarf to cover the exposed part of their bodies then afterwards you can give them counselling to transform them gradually.

“For them(Pedu Catholic Church) to start taking measures is in the right order, but it shouldn’t be taken to the extreme.”



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