Don’t recruit criminals – Ambassador to security agencies


A former Minister of Defense, Lt Gen Henry Smith has called on security services in the country to ensure only applicants with no criminal records are enlisted into the service.

According to him, this move will help prevent miscreants from finding their way into the Service to commit crimes. The police and prisons service are currently undertaking a recruitment exercise.

Lt Gen Henry Smith who is also Ghana’s Ambassador to the US made the comment during a courtesy call by the Ambassador Extraordinaire of Prisons, Ibrahim Kwarteng at Washington D.C. Lt Gen Henry Smith stated that thorough background checks of the applicants will aid in the recruitment of the right people into the state security services.

He added that his office will collaborate with the Prisons Ambassador to ensure that documentaries on prison life reach a large number of the Ghanaian Community in the United States.

Ambassador Henry Smith hailed recent interventions by government to improve the deplorable conditions in the country’s prisons and urged Mr. Kwarteng to work even harder to reach out to a large segment of Ghanaians on his initiative.

He urged him to remain steadfast in the midst of challenges that may naturally come his way in the course of his work but endeavor to always put the national interest first.

Ambassador Extraordinaire of Prisons Mr Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng assured Lt. Gen Henry Smith of his commitment to ensure that the National Stop Crime Campaign launched by his Foundation attain its objectives.



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