Don’t Keep Quiet About Ghana- Rev. Joseph Kofi Antwi


The acting Chaplain of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG) Rev. Joseph Kofi Antwi has implored Christians in the country to speak about issues that bother on Ghana’s development in order to safeguard the future of this great nation.

He said Christians have a Mission to this world – to show love for others and be concerned about both the spiritual and physical needs of the nations stating that refusing to speak out about these things is to allow evil to thrive.

In a sermon on the theme “Building a New Nation in Christ” to climax the Youth and Students Week celebration at Peyer Congregation, Bantama of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Minister of the Gospel charged the youth to arise and build Ghana today to secure the country’s future.

Basing his sermon on John 12:1-8 and Isaiah 43:16-21, the acting Chaplain who doubles as the Public Relations Officer of PUCG, argued that Christians have the mandate of God to serve as the light and salt of the world in leading the course for sound development of humankind.

According to him, Christians shirk their godly responsibility if they do not speak about evils in their societies and take necessary actions to remedy them. “We live in the Country and we all have a say in the affairs of this country”, he opined.

Rev. Kofi Antwi noted that building a new thing as giving in the theme presupposes that there is something wrong with the old that needs to be changed, or that the expected output of the old is not forthcoming and that there is the need for a New One.

He stated that Ghana needs change in most areas of its life saying that the country has broken it walls as a result of high levels of indiscipline on our roads, offices, homes, towards our environment and even in the Church. “This calls for reconstruction of our Nation”, he noted.

He said most of public officials have the ‘Judas’ mentality of pretending to care for the poor but actually use their positions to steal from public purse widening the gab between the rich and the poor, and giving no hope of a better future for the youth of the country. “We cannot build a Nation with a corrupted mentality” he stated.

Rev. Kofi Antwi bemoaned the ‘commercialization of Christianity’ and called on the Church and the country as a whole to deal with the situation to relief the poor and the needy from these oppressive tendencies.

On how to build a New Ghana in Christ, the Minister of the Gospel said it needs the conscious effort of everyone where every Ghanaian needs to strain every nerve, and every opinion or idea to attain the development the people envisage.

He called on Ministers of the Gospel to encourage their members to work hard, teach them to seek knowledge and act right. “We have a nation, a society, a family, a life to build. Each one of us represents a building block. We all have a voice in nation building”, he stated.

“You may not agree with me, but I am not your enemy. We have only ONE GHANA. It is more costly to re-build than to maintain” he ended the sermon.



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