Don’t employ based on just academic qualifications – HR Consultant

Human Resource Managers and Captains of industry have been called upon to desist from solely employing people with high academic qualifications.

According to Human Resource Consultant Emmanuel Afriyie Amoako, employers should instead be attracted to the skills one possesses.

Captains of Industry in recent times have complained about the human resource being produced from Ghana’s tertiary institutions onto the job market.

They argue that more often than not, the grandaunts lack the skill set with regards to jobs they are employed to do.

Speaking to Citi News Human Resource Partner, Enterprise Insurance and Trustee Emmanuel Afriyie Amoako said potential employees must be worth the investments the company will make in employing them.

Mr. Emmanuel Amoako, speaking on the topic ‘Strategic Management Panacea for Sustained Growth and Overall Organisational Success’, observed: “There is a war on talent and to achieve results and objectives through the people who do the work, the difficulty first of all is to attract the right talent”.

Mr. Amoako explained that attracting the right talent is a major challenge in some sectors, and when the institutions finally attract them, retention becomes another huge challenge.

“How do we build their capacity? How do we keep them for a longer time as opposed to them flying out at the first available opportunity?” he quizzed.

He called for prudent means to manage talent in corporate organisations, saying: “If we get the right people, we engage them in the right way and put the right system in place to drive their performance”.

Speaking on talent management, he indicated that with a high mobility rate of professionals the issue of strategy cannot be discussed without recourse to talent management.

“The most successful employers will be those who legitimately inspire highly talented workers to join them and stay with them. In conditions of constantly increasing demand for high quality products and services, qualified and motivated staff is a basic precondition for the success of any institution,” he said.

Strabsnet International Centre for Distance Learning who were the organizers of the one-day seminar on strategic talent management had its Executive Director Richard Gyasi Kwaa, calling on the country to think beyond the usual scope and produce long-term strategies that will ensure sustainable economic growth.

Richard Gyasi Kwaa, addressing participants during the seminar in Accra observed that the country’s current situation requires managers who can think beyond their usual scope and produce long-term strategies to ensure economic growth and transformation.

This call has come at a time when some African leaders are being described as selfish, greedy and corrupt, with their behaviour inhibiting the future developmental agenda of their countries’ economies.

Ghana’s economy is presently faced with an erratic power crisis that is affecting major sectors of the economy, as it causing a decline in productivity and economic growth.

Mr. Kwaa said the seminar presents a unique opportunity for managers of the economy and institutions to understand current trends in strategic management, and use them to support their firms to grow.

The seminar was designed for leadership teams and individuals that want to move their organisations to a higher level of performance, stability and profit, and attracted human resource professionals, chief executive officers and managing directors, heads of administration and individuals, entrepreneurs and company officials.

Among other objectives of the Strabsnet management seminar was helping to understand the strategic thinking management necessary for success.

It was also aimed at understanding current trends in strategic management for business, as well as learning about the current labour market and how it will change in the coming years, and key issues in management such as attracting talented human resource.

Mike Wooi, Chief Executive Officer of International Professional Managers Association, UK, and a Dean of International Programmes for Management School in Paris, speaking on the topic ‘Strategies for Achieving Business Growth in the Face of Global Economic Slowdown’, advised corporate institutions to produce projects that can provide ready cash during an economic downturn.

He explained that Ghana has the will, great potential and is endowed with enormous natural resources to help grow economically.

“For Africa and more especially Ghana, I think there is great will to let the economy grow. I think there is quite a large capacity for the economy to grow — not in the short-term but of course in a much longer time,” he said.

Strabsnet Consult, a division of Strabsnet International Centre for Distance Learning — a provider of strategic business consultancy services in organisational and human capital development.

It is a unique company that has distinguished itself in the area of distance education since its inception.

Strabsnet’s distance learning programmes are flexible and especially available to workers, regardless of geographic location in the country and the world.

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