Donald Trump relents over Paul Ryan re-election


US presidential candidate Donald Trump has publicly backed House Speaker Paul Ryan days after snubbing him in a spat at the top of the Republican Party.

Mr Trump shocked party members on Tuesday when he refused to endorse Mr Ryan and Senator John McCain in their campaigns for re-election in November.

Mr Ryan, the party’s highest-ranking elected official, had himself long delayed endorsing Mr Trump.

“I support and endorse our Speaker… Paul Ryan,” Mr Trump said on Friday.

“We need unity – we have to win this election,” Mr Trump said during a campaign stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin – Mr Ryan’s home state.

While they might “disagree on a couple of things”, they agreed on a lot as well, he added.

He also endorsed Sen McCain and New Hampshire Sen Kelly Ayotte.

In his earlier interview for the Washington Post, Mr Trump had said he was
“just not quite there yet” when asked if he would endorse Mr Ryan and Arizona Sen McCain.

It was the same phrase used by Mr Ryan before he finally endorsed the Republican presidential candidate.

Mr Ryan and Sen McCain had both criticised Mr Trump’s attacks on the bereaved parents of a US Muslim soldier killed in Iraq.

The soldier, Humayun Khan, was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq at the age of 27.


Source: BBC