Dodowa Hospital Nearing Completion

dodoTHE DODOWA Hospital will from November 2015 start offering medical services to the public, barring any last minute hitches, contractors working on the project have said.

Dodowa will be the first of seven hospitals to open across the country as part of the national ‘Built To Care’ programme being undertaken by the Ministry of Health (MoH), in partnership with NMS Infrastructure International.

Following MoH’s national survey of health needs and services, NMS Infrastructure is constructing hospitals in Dodowa, Fomena, Takoradi, Kumawu, Abetifi, Sekondi and Garu.

Each hospital will deliver 120 new beds, dedicated medical, surgical and maternity wards, modern and traditional treatment options and local public health programmes.

Among facilities to be provided as part of the project are housing for staff, hostel accommodation for mothers whose children might be admitted at the facility.

The Dodowa Hospital is expected to be the main healthcare facility to the local communities, including residents of Madina, Afienya, Kakasunanka, Michel Camp, Adenta, among others, providing family-friendly environments with gardens, play areas and visitor accommodation, and community health programmes.

Peter Marks, Director of NMS Infrastructure International, speaking during a press briefing on progress of work, pointed out that construction works were completed in August together with fixing of medical equipment which would be concluded before the inauguration.

The hospital, situated on about 200,000 square metres of land, is expected to boost the country’s healthcare system when it becomes operational and would also help reduce the pressure on the Tema General Hospital.

Fred Hsu, Deputy Chairman of NMS Infrastructure International, expressed his optimism at delivering the project on schedule as one that the nation would be proud of.

He said that ‘Built to Care’ is a pioneering programme that is helping Ghana to lead the way for all of Africa in modern and sustainable healthcare.

The deputy chairman disclosed that it would provide state-of-the-art facilities and services that the people of Ghana ‘want and that are designed, built and managed by Ghanaians.’

According to him, the hospitals are designed to be cost-effective to build, easy to maintain and cheap to run, ensuring that patients would receive the highest quality treatment that is affordable, easy to access and provided in safe, secure and pleasant environments.

The hospital would also have several parking areas with a capacity for accommodating over 100 vehicles.


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