Do not sell conscience for ‘bowl of potage’ – Rev. Donkor


The Bishop of the Sekondi Diocese of the Methodist Church, Ghana, the Rt Rev. Edward Ofori Donkor, has passionately appealed to Ghanaians not to sell their conscience for a “bowl of potage.”

He advised that the electorate should take a critical look at their lives now and the future of their children in the areas of health, education, justice and basic social services before making choices among the various candidates vying for both the presidential and parliamentary slots.

‘‘This year, we are faced with another challenge. That is the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. It is an opportune time for us to exercise our franchise. It is my fervent prayer that Ghanaians will not sell their conscience for a ‘bowl of potage,’” Bishop Donkor stressed.

Rt Rev. Donkor, who was addressing the 2016 synod of the diocese in the Western Region, said, “Let the spirit of God guide you in your choice of president and parliamentarians. Take a critical look at yourselves and the future of your family to inform you to make the right selection.”

The theme for the meeting was, “Witnessing to Christ: Holistic Spirituality in Youth Development; the Role of Parents.”

“I pray that this year’s election will be free, fair, transparent and peaceful, devoid of violence and acrimony. We pray and hope that there will be peace before, during and after the election. May God bless our homeland Ghana,” the Bishop prayed.

He said in the absence of the fear of God in a nation, honesty and integrity were thrown to the dogs, and that thugs, crooks and inexperienced people were employed and given privileges, adding, “God is watching and He will prune out the corrupt officials and rulers and false preachers and prophets with justice.”

‘‘Today, we live in a country where some nation wreckers are only too eager to make their appearance on the political scene. It is, therefore, very important to remind ourselves that what God gives to a nation in one generation can be destroyed by succeeding generation who do not respect our liberty but compromise with evil as soon as they assume control of governance in our nation,” Rt Rev. Donkor fumed.

Bishop Donkor declared that, “Let not some spiritual leaders, political leaders and civil authorities forget that God’s anger can be provoked by flouting His mercies and goodness.”

He said the situation in Ghana required men of God who were courageous and determined to speak out their convictions, men of God whose characters were as strong as Elijah’s and who could inspire the people to witness to Christ and to set in motion spiritual resistances that could overthrow evil and corruption in the country.

Perhaps, the Methodist Bishop noted, the nation was going down the drain because the Church was weak and unimpressive for the simple reason that the church was not concerned enough about those who were living without faith in Jesus Christ.
The Sekondi diocesan bishop also observed, “In our precarious situation as a nation, there must be travail on the part of the church before there will be God’s intervention and redemption of our nation. Our tears, our cry unto the Lord and our witness as a church will restore our nation to the path of righteousness.”

“Let us work diligently for Christ and His Kingdom on earth with joy, remembering that He can turn bitterness into sweetness and He can make the lost axe head float on water. This is the God we serve. May the Lord bless His church and cleanse our nation Ghana from all unrighteousness, Amen,” Bishop Donkor concluded.

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