Disregard election prophecies – Rev. Wengam


The Head Pastor of Cedar Mountain Assemblies of God Church, Ghana, Dr. Stephen Wengam has urged Ghanaians to disregard all the election prophecies.

He said that election prophecies are unethical and unhealthy in the maintenance of peace and stability in the country.

Speaking in an interview with The General Telegraph in Accra, he indicated that such prophecies are contributing factors that have the tendency of inciting sections of the public to cause violence during or after elections.

He explained that congregants in the churches constitute a combination of people with diverse political inclinations. As such, he argued that prophecies on the outcomes of national elections, which favour one party over others, could be injurious to the political health of the country.

To this end, he has therefore advised Ghanaians to “disregard any prophecy even if favours your political party.” In Ghana, there have been prophecies by these so-called prophets on particular outcomes of previous national elections which turned out otherwise.

In such cases, fervent believers of these ‘men-of God’ instead of accepting proclaimed election results, resort to accusations of rigging on the part of election stakeholders. These eventually become seeds that degenerate into serious incidents of attacks against varied party figures and followers.

Rev. Wengam, who is known as the Bishop of the Airwaves, further stressed on the inappropriateness of election prophecies to the nation. He appealed to his colleague pastors and other men of God to desist from them, and rather preach peace to their members. “We must not entertain this,” he added.

The Assemblies of God Pastor also cautioned the general public not to pay attention to the prophecies of these pastors especially as election period is fast approaching. This, according to him, will help minimize the tension and confusion by which elections in the country are characterized.


Source: thegeneraltelegraph

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