Delay unveils more characters for upcoming TV series Cocoa Brown


TV host/ producer/ director and business woman, Deloris Frimpong Manso, on whose life the upcoming ‘Cocoa Brown’ TV series is centred, has disclosed more characters in the build-up to the premiere of the drama series.

Weeks after revealing Shatta Michy will play a role in the much anticipated ‘Cocoa Brown’ series, Delay has again revealed that light-skinned sensation José Tolbert will be a part of the show, and will play the role of Ohene.

Ohene is a character that came to exist as a result of memories from a love affair Delay had with one Dutch guy she refers to as ‘G’. According to Delay, ‘G’ was blessed in all the right ways to sweep a girl of her feet. He was handsome, rich, charming and mysterious in a way that seemed dangerous.

“Naturally, I was drawn to him from the very first second we laid eyes on each other. I’d go weak in the knees every time he looked at me. He said my name in an adorable way that always made me smile (“Dolores”), and whenever he kissed me…” “Needless to say, the chemistry was red hot and not just in the boudoir. He lit a fire in me that scorched all aspects of my life. ‘G’ inspired me creatively; he was a huge inspiration for my second TV show, Afia Schwarzenegger. Writing all that comedy was easy because he was my happy place. He was my high. He was my drug,” Delay noted.

“Like all drugs, I was hooked on him in a dangerous way. ‘G’ was a haunted soul and being someone who had just recently been exorcised of her own demons, I had to walk away. It was tough, but I still have the memories of him to create fictional characters such as Ohene,” Delay further noted.


This is what Delay had to say about the character, Olive, played by screen debutant, OB. “The shows archvillain is a character inspired by various people I’ve had in my life who came with promises of true friendship and undying loyalty, but later turned out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

“Throughout my life and career, I’ve known some pathological liars who not only turned against me but also tried to trap others in the web of lies they spun about me.” Delay further added that Olive is an embodiment of a few of such people who have been in her life, and she looks forward to an excellent display of such embodiment of character from Olive.

“Watch her raise hell soon on the Cocoa Brown TV series,” Delay promised. The character is played by a fantastic stage actress OB. She’s starred in productions such as The Vagina Monologues, and Cocoa Brown will be her official onscreen debut. Keep an eye out for this rising star.

Meanwhile, when was the last time you saw or heard of the famous Evelyn Addo? She is better known as Nina from the TV series, Home Sweet Home. She also plays a role in Cocoa Brown, as well as Shatta Michy. Cocoa Brown drama series is by Excellence Media Gh. Ltd and will be aired on TV soon.



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