Decision Day: Striking doctors to resign or not?

dddddToday is decision day for striking doctors across the country who are expected to determine whether to resign as a group.
The doctors have been striking for the past two weeks withdrawing emergency service last week.
They have been following a strict road map that dictates that all doctors in public health facilities resign today as the final step in the process to protest government’s failure to agree on their conditions of service.

The Ghana Medical Association General Assembly will gather later today to take a firm decision.

Groups such as the Peace Council, Christina Council and TUC have asked the doctors to reconsider their decision.

But Deputy General Secretary of the GMA, Justice Yankson told Joy News whatever comes out of today’s meeting would be binding.

“That would be the prerogative of the members of the Association. They would be the ones attending the General Assembly meeting. Whatever they say binds all of us.”