Dag Heward-Mills recommends military strategy for good leaders


A renowned Pastor, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has recommended a strategy which good leaders can use to subdue their enemies.

Known as the military encirclement strategy, Dag Heward-Mills explained that ‘encirclement’ is an instance used in war, where a force is totally subdued by other forces with no way of escaping.

Explaining the strategy further, the founder of the Lighthouse Chapel International said an enemy is isolated and completely surrounded by opposing forces.

Studies show that encirclement has been used throughout the centuries by military leaders and army generals like Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Sun Tzu, Shaka Zulu, Hannibal, Zhukov, Wallenstein, Khalid bin Waleed and many more.

Sun Tzu also cited in some studies to say that ‘’encircled’’ armies must not be completely encircled but given space for escape so as not to lift their morale for them to fight to death with their opponents. He further said that a better situation will be that they will consider the possibility of a retreat
He stated that an encircled enemy becomes desperate as it is they are weakened and deprived of any help including receiving supplies of food, drugs, dresses and others.

The encircled enemy tends to give in as ‘’further defense is senseless’’ he said. He noted that the subdued army will then request immediate permission to surrender to save the remaining troops who might still be alive.

Bishop Heward-Mills emphasized that it takes a good leader to employ ‘encirclement’ adding that it is the only way to distinguish a good leader from all other leaders.


Source: myjoyonline