Crosscheck Mahama’s appointees on Google – Prof. Adei


Former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Adei is not ready to apologise over his ‘nepotism’ comment.

Speaking at Prempeh College’s Pearson Osae lectures, Prof Adei said research findings indicate that one out of every four public sector appointment comes from the President’s area of origin and that such practice must stop immediately.

His comments has attracted criticisms from government officials who are calling on him to apologise.

A Deputy Minister of Communications, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, says Prof Adei must come out and apologize to Ghanaians and also retract his comments, saying “as an elderly person with much experience he should not have made such divisive utterances.

But Prof. Adei refused to comment on the issue when Atinka News reached him and rather asked Ghanaians to “Google the number of government appointees and those coming from the north to verify for ourselves”.

“Please don’t waste your breath; I’m not talking about it. I said one of all his appointees are from his place. Count the ministers and confirm for yourself,” he charged.


Source: atinkaonline