CPP to generate electricity from wind if elected – Greenstreet


In a bid to solve Ghana’s unending energy crisis, flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ivor Greenstreet, has said his party will provide cheap electricity for Ghanaians with wind should they be voted into power.

Ghana’s needs a little over 2,100 megawatts to supplements its peak demand, but according to Mr. Greenstreet, the CPP government would be able to provide about 29,700 megawatts of power for Ghana.

He added that the additional capacity could be sold to neighbouring countries for extra revenue. The presidential hopeful cited South Korea and the US as countries that have put in place measures to make such move sustainable.

He said the “South Korean government has set up an ambitious target of 2.4 gigawatts over the next nine years for offshore wind power.” Speaking at the Institute of Economic Affairs’ (IEA) Evening Encounters on Tuesday, Ivor Greenstreet said “under my presidency, Ghana would do it bigger and better.”

“Our research in the proposal that I am now going to put to you, have been conducted by one of Ghana and CPP’s foremost engineers, Robert Wood.

It is common knowledge that the Volta River lies between two parallel mountain ranges. The river lies between a wind corridor that is a trove.

The unique topography in that area generates this wind corridor as a result of this globe turning on its axis on a 1,040 miles per hour and orbiting the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. Installing wind turbines in this corridor will utilize the wind energy.”

“Standard wind turbines would generate three megawatts of energy per unit. The wind corridor stretching from Ada to the north is over 1,000 kilometers. Our studies indicate that it is the biggest and the most reliable wind corridor in the whole of Africa.

For your information, there are tidal waves peculiar to this area. That is why when you go along that zone; you will see everybody has stones on their roofs because of the wind that is generated in this area. We must take advantage of this free gift of nature.”

He explained that, installing these turbines at a distance of 300 meters triangular should produce 9,900 tons or 29,700 megawatts of energy given the wind outage of approximately 66% over the whole stretch of that 1,000 kilometers, it should be able to generate 9,000 megawatts of energy at all times.

“This would meet our energy needs cheaply with sufficient left overs for sale to neighboring countries raking in additional revenue for government.”

Abosu glass factory

On manufacturing the turbines, Mr. Greenstreet said modern wind turbines are provided from fiber glass which could be manufactured from the Abosu Glass Factory which could be revived.

Energy crisis

Ghana’s has over the years been experiencing erratic power cuts due to generation.

The Akosombo dam which used to serve more than 80% of the nation’s power needs is now struggling due to low water levels, thus compelling managers of the dam to operate only four turbines instead of six.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Congress government has brought on board some private power producers to boost electricity needs


Source: citifmonline.com