Coventry University Launches Africa Institute of Transformational Entrepreneurship


Coventry University today announced the launch of the Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship (AITE), which aims to boost socio-economic development across the African continent.

The AITE is a platform which seeks to promote transformational entrepreneurship in Africa through education, research and practice-based activity, and has been established on the premise that African universities – through the promotion of enterprise and entrepreneurship – have a pivotal role to play in the overall development of Africa.

The institute will initially see Coventry University partnering with Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and the University of Cape Coast (Ghana). Conversations are currently well-advanced to include the Association of African Universities (AAU) and the British Council in this project.

Vice-chancellor and CEO of Coventry University, Prof. John Latham, who spoke at the launch which took place in Accra, said:

“Africa tertiary education should be designed to address Africa’s specific problems. Entrepreneurship-based education and research in Africa’s institutions of higher learning can help address the issue of unemployment, inequality and sustainable socio-economic growth in Africa.”

Coventry University aims to contribute to all areas of Africa’s development as a founding member of AITE. In collaboration with the partner universities, the AAU and the British Council, Coventry University will run a collaborative programme of education, research and practice-based activity.

AITE programmes will include interactive sessions, face-to-face workshops, research exchanges and online support channeled through its existing International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE).

Speakers at the launch event include Prof. John Latham, Prof. Gideon Maas, Prof. Tobie de Coning and Prof. Paul Jones who all have vast experiences in research and entrepreneurship.

Prof. John Latham said: “We’re enormously excited to be launching this initiative and we’re confident it will make a difference in driving forward innovation and supporting wealth creation in an African continent that fast coming to realize its enterprising spirit and potential for socio-economic growth.”



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