Corporate Drapes look book


It’s about adding bright colors to your work look! Did you know colors have their own magic and can make your face look pretty? Well, yes they can! An likewise, wearing the wrong colors can create that “total turn off” vibe.

How to make it work (verb) for work (noun): A careful match of contrasting colors and less accessory could work the magic as matching too many colors in one look can be very outrageous and totally not suitable for work.

Here are some styles inspo showing how to add colours to your work wardrobe!

Tee (Credit via Instagram @village_geh)

Mary Ade (Credit via Instagram @the_cocopolitan)

Dodos Uvieghara (Credit via instagram @iamdodos)

Isio Wanogho (Credit via Instagram @LionQueen)

Chidinma (Credit via instagram @simplyuneeke)


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