Common Sense Politicised In Ghana – Gifty Anti


Commonsense has been politicised in Ghana, Broadcaster Gifty Anti has said.

According to her, the country is so much divided on partisan lines, with the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), being at the extreme divides.

Speaking about the controversy over the revamped Komenda Sugar Factory on Entertainment Capital on Accra 100.5FM on Saturday June 4, Gift Anti, described the trend where every issue is politicised as ‘bad’.

Government has said the newly inaugurated sugar factory will provide over 7,000 jobs, but the minority in parliament said the revival of the factory was for “political expediency”, since there are many challenges to be surmounted before the plant could be fully functional.

In Gifty Anti’s view, however, “commonsense has been politicised in this country”, she told host DJ Premier. She explained: “If the NDC says [something], whether it makes sense or not, NPP will oppose [it]. If the NPP says [something], and it makes sense or not, NDC will oppose [it]”.

“If I belong to any of the other parties, I would have capitalised on this because we have turned the country into NPP, NDC. The country is divided. If care is not taken, very soon you will be asked whether you belong to the NDC or NPP even when we are purchasing food before we buy from you. It is really bad”



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